Download Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Mockup Theme

If you want the same look in your Firefox 3.0 or later, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: First download the theme using following link:

Download Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Theme

Its a ZIP file. Extract it using WinRAR or 7-Zip . You’ll get a .ZAR file which contains the actual theme. Drag-n-drop this file to “Add-ons” window in Firefox and it’ll install the theme.

STEP 2: You’ll also need to install the “All Glass Firefox” add-on to get the Glass effect which can be found here.

STEP 3: If you also want to get the “Tools” button near “Searchbox” as shown in the screenshot, install “Personal Menu” add-on using following link:

Install Personal Menu

It’ll add the “Tools” button near searchbox. Now right-click on empty area near addressbar or searchbox and select “Customize” option. Now drag “Bookmarks” button between searchbox and Tools button.

Now go to “Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions” menu and select “Personal Menu” from the list. Click on “Options” button and go to “Advanced” Tab. Enable “Hide Drop-Marker” option. Also enable “Hide Menus Toolbar” and “Show temporarily by pressing ALT key” options to hide menubar.

STEP 4: If you face problem while reading text on inactive tabs, you’ll need to apply the code given in “newtabfix.txt” present in the downloaded ZIP file using “Stylish” add-on.

Install Stylish

Once installed, copy the code from TXT file, click on the “Stylish” icon present in Statusbar and select “Write new style -> Blank style” option. Now paste the code in text area. Provide a suitable name to the style and click on “Save” button. That’s it.

After following these steps, you’ll enjoy the same interface in your favorite browser.


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