How To Enable Android Market on i5503 or Galaxy 5 and Galaxy S

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Hi , how r u ??
hope to be fine

recently i bought Samsung i5503 (Galaxy 5) and i took more than two weeks to be able to use android on my handset
so i decided to share what i got with u .let’s start

U must move your data from internal memory to external memory

there r two method

The First :

1. ensure your handset “Galaxy 5” is set to use 24-hour format
(applications-> Settings-> date and time -> Use 24-hour format

2. launch the Phone-pad

3. enter the following
*#272* the follow it with the time on the phone (4 digits) then follow it with #
example, the time on my phone now is 15:33 hence I shall enter *#272*1533#

4. the phone shall display a new window

5. select “XSG” and hit “install”

the Phone shall reload and your “Market Apps” icon which be there

this method didn’t work with me but it works with some friends of mine

The Second Method

1. ensure your handset “Galaxy 5″ is set to use 24-hour format
(applications-> Settings-> date and time -> Use 24-hour format

2. launch the Phone-pad

3. enter *#06# and store the number which will appear

4. in the phone-pad write *#272*xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the number u got from step 3

5. the phone shall display a new window

6. select “XSG” and hit “install”

the Phone shall reload and your “Market Apps” icon which be there


Thanks To @Khal3d


38 thoughts on “How To Enable Android Market on i5503 or Galaxy 5 and Galaxy S

  1. So, I had the same problem. Solution 1 didn’t work. Solution 2 got me closer… I think. After I typed the code, a list came up with one item:
    XGS and under it, a radio button. I chose it and clicked “Install” but then I got an error message saying that “three characters are needed” but nowhere to input those characters…
    any ideas?

  2. Thank you aloootttt dude… I bought Galaxy 5 yesterday.. I knew that there is android market place on galaxy phone. So when I checked I found “SlideMe Marketplace” then I thought the SlideMe marketplace is the “android market place”. Searched facebook, found the apps by some third party, searched twitter same… didn’t get any proper application then i doubt… by the time I had already spent 1 day. Then I googled, n found slideMe n android market place is totally different.

    While searching for how can i install android market place, I found ur site, n it took out the pain of my neck in few minute.


  3. I follow your instruction by using the 24hr format.

    However, the market was installed. Only set back is that my Mobily line or STC line is not recognised.

    There is no LINE!!!

    Kinldy please advise

    • i faced this problem and solved it by creating an Access point .

      go to settings > Mobile Netwroks > Access point Names
      then create an access point

      here for example i created one called Etisalat and works fine with me

  4. Ahmed;

    Jazakallahu khairan. Unfortunately it doesnt work with me. Lucky that I can exchange the phone!!!!

    Now I have a new phone, and quite scare to do it …

    Do you know any other way to have the market apps beside this?

  5. Ahmed;

    YES!!!! Thanks a million for the 1Mobile and Applanet. It is MARVELOUS!!! I love it.

    Too bad I can’t understand Arabic to follow the blog you mentioned.

    Jazakallahu khairan

  6. hi ahmed,
    i used a second method and i enabled market app, but i lost all connection ( 3G . GPRS ) and i can’t connect now to internet through mobile, please advise me

    Mobile : Galaxy i5503
    Operator : Mobinil-Egypt
    OS: Android 2.1

    waiting your reply

  7. I tried the first method. I think it worked bacause i can see the market icon. But the language on my phone was changed to arabic. :O i was so freaked out at first, because i couldn’t figure out what to do, as i didn’t understand the language. somehow, i managed to change the language back to english. but i’ve lost all my data. :O please, help me out. how can i restore my data? i’ve lost all phone contacts, messages, media files, EVERYTHING. i think my factory settings were restored in this process. please tell me how to undo this. i want my data back. i don’t mind if i’ve to lose the market app. But please tell me how to un-install the XGS thing. or by whatever means, i can get my data back.

  8. okay, i just checked again. i didn’t lose my media files (pictues, songs, etc.), but i lost my phone contacts and messages.
    also, the format of my phone seems different. my keypad looks very different from the one i had before. it has swype as an option, but it not the same. basic settings have been changed.
    please help.

  9. ooh. yea, you did. my bad.
    so is there no way to get phone contacts back?
    and i guess there are few changes in the interface.
    i tinkered with the phone a little, and got my keypad back.
    i guess i panicked a lot.
    i’ll relax, first.
    so there’s really no way to get phone contacts back? or to undo?

  10. hmm.
    thanks, anyway.
    but okay, the good part is, i can access the marketplace.
    i lost the phone contacts, but.. i’ll do sth about it.
    the rest seems fine. there are little changes, but i’ll make them okay. (like, i got my old keypad back)
    so i guess, all will be fine.
    i grew very panicky, actually. and when i saw everything in arabic, i didn’t understand what to do.
    but it’s getting better now.
    thanks, the first method worked for me. 🙂 thanks a lot.

  11. Hello Ahmed,

    Thanks for sharing this stuff;the second method worked for me until the new window showed up, then i have the same problem of francisco; it says that there must be three chars but there is no place to put them. I took a pic of it with a camera:
    Anything i can do with it to get the android market?

  12. Hi Ahmed,

    the good thing it worked for me … the bad thing i don’t have 2G or 3G connection.
    U mentioned above i should now create access point.. but i don’t know how exactly …. can u provide me with the complete method …. i have Vodafone

    • Go to
      Settings > Wireless & network settings > mobile networks > Access point names > new APN and give it just a name ” here you will write “Vodafone””.

  13. what should i do after the 4 step
    i type the number “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

    i don’t understand wht to do after tht
    1) shld i call that number ?
    2) should i save it as a contact?
    3) shold i text that number?

    pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    vry imp

    • first you must backup your data


      using phone-pad write *#06#
      you will get a number of about 14 digit , save it in a paper or any thing then

      using phone-pad write *#272*xxxxxxxxxxxxxx#

      where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the number you got from *#06#

      got it ??

  14. but, wen i type *#272*xxxxxxxxxxxxxx#

    i dont get anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it stays like tht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont understnd wht to do aftr tht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. XSG is not among the sales codes I can choose. There’s only CHN and CHZ (Chinese firmware). Which CSC do I have to flash to get XSG and will this actually help?

  16. Hi, I have galaxy 5 i5503 , and I have 2 questions please :

    1. will this method avoid my warranty
    2. will I be able to receive updates via Kies after this ” so far Kies says this version of the device cannot be updated”

    PDA: I5503JPJI1
    PHONE: I5503JXJG4
    CSC: I5503JPJI1


  17. thank you very very much i install it in my galaxy 5 when it was with android 2.1 and it worked but when i upgrade the phone to 2.2 that method did not work so i repeated the upgrade from first and i found android market ……………..why that happened ?!

    and thank you again .

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