Why Android ??!!!

1 – Open Source
Android is an Open Source Mobile – and tablets Recently – OS , which give the developer the free in developing and give the user the ability for customizing his handset by special ROMs or whatever and also didn’t lose anything , while in the other side for example iOS if you jail-breaking your iphone you will lose .

2 – Adobe Flash
as you know falsh not supported in iOS but works fine in Android in ver 2.2 froyo or higher , i’m using android 2.1 and suffering from Falsh palyer unavailability .

3 – different Models
you can buy only what you need because there are different models from android phones from for example ” Samsung , Sony Ericson ……….

4 – Never worry about price
if you palnning to pay an iphone you will need at least ( 4000 LE – 750 $ ) while android you can start buying an android phone with 200 $ with a normal specifications .


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