Why Android ??!!!

1 – Open Source
Android is an Open Source Mobile – and tablets Recently – OS , which give the developer the free in developing and give the user the ability for customizing his handset by special ROMs or whatever and also didn’t lose anything , while in the other side for example iOS if you jail-breaking your iphone you will lose .

2 – Adobe Flash
as you know falsh not supported in iOS but works fine in Android in ver 2.2 froyo or higher , i’m using android 2.1 and suffering from Falsh palyer unavailability .

3 – different Models
you can buy only what you need because there are different models from android phones from for example ” Samsung , Sony Ericson ……….

4 – Never worry about price
if you palnning to pay an iphone you will need at least ( 4000 LE – 750 $ ) while android you can start buying an android phone with 200 $ with a normal specifications .


Androidify , Express Your self

Google lunched a new android app called Androidify helps you to create a photos that express your self you can also save it , share it with Facebook , twitter … etc and use it as a contact photo

watch this video to know more about the app :

some photos from the app :

download the app as apk file from here
or the scan the QR Code

How to take a screenshot from your android phone

hi , how are you , hope to be fine
Today we have a post about How to take a screenshot from your android phone .
before we start you must have android SDK , then connect your mobile to your laptop then follow these steps :

1 – go to tools folder in android SDK >> “android-SDK/tools” .
2 – double click on “ddms.bat” file .
3 – a new window will appear , select your phone from it .
4 – go to Device menu and hit screen capture .
5 – a new window will appear have many buttons like “save ,done ,rotate “.

Pictures explaining how to do that


or download the photos from here

update :

you can screenshot you screen using apps from the market like “pic me ” but it requires “rooted devices ”

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How to Select all Friends in facebook in one step

When you are trying to invite your friends to your page, it can be very difficult. So here’s a quick JavaScript code to select all your friends in Facebook in one step so you can invite them without any difficults .

just put this code in address bar and hit enter

javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){fs.click(elms[fid]);}}

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Google translate for android , new Update

Update : i uploaded the file

yesterday Google announced about a new update for Google translate for android
the new features i noticed
1 – conversation mode
this mode let two people who speak a different languages to communicate with each other easily
but this is available now only for “English and Spanish ” languages


2 – translate your SMS by browsing them to Google translate

download :
1- search in android market for google translate
2 – scan this QR Code


3 – i’ll upload the apk file soon
Download now from here

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Google Goggles 1.3

yesterday Google announced about google googles 1.3 with amazing features and improvements such
1 – solving Sudoku and here and example
2 – removed capturing sound ” i suffered from this sound 😀 ”
3 – allow you to goggles photos from your handset .
4 – improved bar-codes scanning .

for who don’t have android market , you can download it from here as apk file

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Google Gesture search

Hi , how are you ??
Today and while i search in the android market i found this awesome app
Google Gesture search


it is an app created by Google labs and it is used to search for any thing on your phone by writing letters on the screen , and also it use Google Instant service .

i tried it on my Samsung GT-I5503 and it worked correctly