Google Music beta

Hello , how are you ??

in Google I/O Google announced it’s awesome service Google Music beta which let you upload up to 20,000 songs to your account and access them from any other PC or From any android device .

few weeks ago I registered for an invitation to try the new service from Google , but I faced a problem that the service is available only for US customers ,so I registered via proxy server as I’m living in US , after about 2-3 weeks  I received my invitation Smile

Aviary mail-google-com Picture 2

after I received it I downloaded Google Music Manger ( it’s an application for your desktop OS which let you uplaod your songs to your account ).

the application is very simple and easy to use ,  you start by logging in with your account and select your music folders ( see picture below )

Google Music 1 

Then you select your settings ( upload speed , when to upload ……….) see picture below

Google Music 2

From this settings you can limit number of songs uploaded per hour ,day ……. , also choose speed of uploading

After you uploaded your settings you can go to the website to play them , make a playlist ……… ( this can be done by clicking on Go To Music player , or visiting

and this is a picture for  my account

Google Music 3

ohhhhh , for get to mention that you can select a set of albums and free songs  provided by google  see next picture

Google Music 4


That’s all about web version , You can ask your invitation from here (But you must be from US Open-mouthed smile )


Then after about week and while opining Google Music App in my android phone ( Galaxy 5 running CM7 android 2.3.4 ) , I got a message that I’m invited to try Google music beta ( I’m not able to screen shoot it Sorry ) , and so I found option setting in the menu – didn’t see it before receiving my invitation

and the surprise that I found the songs I uploaded from my phone Open-mouthed smile 

and here is some photo from my phone for Google Music App



application is available in android market for android 2.2 and up  , download it form here




Share and personalize your Google Goggles experience with Goggles 1.4


Yesterday google lunched a new update for goggles ” goggles 1.4 ” which have alot of improvments and new features such

Enhanced search history

Suggest a better result

Improved business card recognition

Google Goggles is available for Android 1.6+ devices

download it from here or here (if you can’t access the market )

or scan the next code


some photos for the app

1.4notes011.4notes021.4suggest021.4suggest05biz card3bizcard-disamb-pg-v2

Google translate for android , new Update

Update : i uploaded the file

yesterday Google announced about a new update for Google translate for android
the new features i noticed
1 – conversation mode
this mode let two people who speak a different languages to communicate with each other easily
but this is available now only for “English and Spanish ” languages


2 – translate your SMS by browsing them to Google translate

download :
1- search in android market for google translate
2 – scan this QR Code


3 – i’ll upload the apk file soon
Download now from here

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Google Goggles 1.3

yesterday Google announced about google googles 1.3 with amazing features and improvements such
1 – solving Sudoku and here and example
2 – removed capturing sound ” i suffered from this sound 😀 ”
3 – allow you to goggles photos from your handset .
4 – improved bar-codes scanning .

for who don’t have android market , you can download it from here as apk file

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