About me

Hi , I`m Ahmed Ali Ibrahim,20 Years Old,I`m a Student in The 3rd Year at Shoubra Faculty Of Engineering Computer Engineering Department .

i`m interested in Programming , Playing Foot ball , Walking , Tech News , mobile development and Searching . White is My Favorite Color.
i adore Firefox & google , i hate Exams 😀 .
TopCoder Member .
Contact Me : ahmed_ali@feng.bu.edu.eg
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4 thoughts on “About me

  1. sir..im vincent from philippines

    ive owned gt 15503

    sir …pls do me a favor if theres a way i could return my cellphone to english version

    i seen sames this thread u have made for the android market installation

    at first .. i was using english version

    then after doing those codes just what u are showing.. after installation it became arabic version

    sir pls help me to rerstore my phone

    hope ull reply

    or please mail me..

    pls im begging

    thank you very mych

  2. السلام عليكم انا عمرو من قطر
    و عندي lg l7 p705
    لكن بطئء في فتح القوائم و ساعات يبغي اعمله اعاده تشغيل وش اسوي برأيك و شكرا

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